Kerry Park

Kerry Park, located atop Seattle’s historic Queen Anne Hill, is a prime example of the city’s spectacular splendor. Offering panoramic views of Seattle’s cityscape, the Space Needle, Mount Rainier, and the sparkling waters of Elliott Bay, this modest but iconic park has become a must-visit location for both locals and tourists. Kerry Park is more than just a viewpoint; it’s a location where locals and tourists alike congregate to take in the grandeur of the Emerald City.

A Green Spot Among the Urban Glamour

Kerry Park, which is situated at 211 West Highland Drive, is not the biggest park in Seattle, but it makes up for it in breathtaking views. The park’s small size belies its significance as a tranquil urban retreat. Kerry Park offers refuge from the city’s hustle and bustle while offering an unmatched window into Seattle’s spirit. Kerry Park is surrounded by exquisite residences and charming neighborhoods.

The Famous Skyline View

Kerry Park’s unmatched view of the Seattle skyline is one of its key draws. The city’s tall skyscrapers, like the Smith Tower and Columbia Center, provide a captivating visual tapestry that changes throughout the day with the Space Needle as its center of attention. The view from Kerry Park perfectly encapsulates Seattle’s metropolitan attractiveness, whether it is illuminated by the city lights at night or the sunrise’s golden hues throughout the day.

The crown jewel is Mount Rainier.

The focal point of the Kerry Park view on a clear day is Mount Rainier. This famous volcano, frequently referred to as the “Mountain,” towers majestically above the city’s skyline. The juxtaposition between the metropolitan setting and the majestic mountain serves as a reminder of Seattle’s distinctive combination of urban living and easy access to the great outdoors.

Waters of Elliott Bay Glisten

Elliott Bay, where numerous boats and ferries crisscross the glistening waters, is also visible from Kerry Park. This already breathtaking scene is made even more magnificent by the distant view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. It serves as a reminder of Seattle’s close ties to the ocean and its rich maritime history.

Photographers’ Heaven

Photographers and painters have come to regard Kerry Park as a sanctuary. It’s the perfect place to use a camera to capture the beauty of the city because of the unrestricted vistas and constantly changing natural light. Kerry Park offers a variety of options for eye-catching and unforgettable photographs, regardless of whether you’re a professional photographer using top-notch equipment or just taking pictures with your smartphone.

gathering and celebration of the community

Kerry Park is a gathering spot for the community as well as a place for quiet reflection and breathtaking views. Every year, the park serves as a venue for a variety of occasions and gatherings, such as weddings, picnics with families, and neighborhood festivals. It is evidence of the park’s value as a beloved public area that promotes a sense of community in the midst of urban sprawl.

A Moving Picture

The vista from Kerry Park never gets old, although the park itself changes with the seasons. Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, illuminating the park with lovely pink and white hues. The vegetation is at its most beautiful in the summer, offering guests shade and a verdant backdrop. The park’s barren trees frame the cityscape like organic sculptures in winter, framing the riot of autumnal colors that fall delivers.

One’s Philanthropic Legacy

Albert Sperry Kerry, a well-known philanthropist from Seattle who donated the land in 1927, is honored in the park’s name. His legacy is carried on through the park that bears his name. His ambition was to establish a location where people might gather to admire the beauty of the city.

The Kerry Park Experience is being preserved and improved.

For many decades, Kerry Park has been a beloved icon, and its future looks promising. The City of Seattle is dedicated to maintaining and improving the park experience in conjunction with community partners. Kerry Park has recently undergone improvements that have increased accessibility, expanded seating areas, and upgraded paths to keep it a friendly and inclusive destination for everyone.


Kerry Park is more than just a vantage point; it is evidence of how alluring Seattle’s landscape is. Kerry Park offers a magical experience that transcends its small size, whether you’re a resident looking for peace in the middle of the city or an outsider wanting to get the ideal Instagram photo.

Kerry Park epitomizes the spirit of Seattle—a city that seamlessly blends the natural world with urban life—with its famous skyline, spectacular views of Mount Rainier, and a sense of community that pulls people together. You can find inspiration, tranquility, and an unhindered perspective of the Emerald City’s beauty there.

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