A sign from above that this the place for you.

People ask a lot about our sign in front of the office. And if you live in the neighborhood you can’t miss it: a big electronic Readerboard in a quaint Queen Anne neighborhood.

The sign was here from the previous dentist before I bought the practice.

The neighborhood was not pleased. There were photos of teeth and before and after cases, etc. My office manager, Jill, worked there and heard an ear full every few days. So when I purchased the practice I had a mission: redeem the controversial sign. So I attempted humor and tried for funny dental phrases. And I still do. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they aren’t. But at least I’m trying!

A few of them have really taken off throughout the web. One sign had over a million hits. Others have been on websites like chive.com, reddit, break.com and other “funny” sites. One even got a mention in the Huffington Post as one of the “Top 10 Signs That Got it Just Right”.

Now if I could get my dentistry to be that famous.